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The following products are some of CAP's favorites and offers aviators and their passengers an extra edge of safety. To purchase any of the following products, visit CAP's store at

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  1. CARES - FAA - Approved Child Restraint System
  2. Essex Plus 15 Smoke Hood Filter
  3. Essex Self - Contained Unit Smoke Hood / Oxygen Supply
  4. ACR ResQLink PLB (Personal Locater Beacon)
  5. Firefly 2 Doubelfly Rescue Combo Light, Strobe / Incandescent  
  6. The Handbook for Aviation for Aviation Survival Sense
  7. Land/Shark Emergency Shelter
  8. Rescue Laser Light
  9. Smith & Wesson 13 Led Galaxy 10 White and 3 Red Flashlight
  10. Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


 CARES - FAA-approved Child Restraint System:

Item No. CARES (PN 4082-1-021-8061)

CARES, the Child Aviation Restraint System, is the only harness type child aviation safety restraint ever certified for airplane travel by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is an elegantly designed belt and buckle device for kids 22-44 pounds that is easy to use and creates a safe airplane seat for your child without the hassle of carrying a 20 pound car seat. CARES weighs just 1 pound and fits into a 6" stuff sack! It is simple to install, adjustable to virtually any size airplane seat, and keeps your child as safe as a car seat would. The restraint is made of the same industrial-strength webbing as your own seatbelt. It is engineered and manufactured by AmSafe Aviation, the world's foremost manufacturer of airline seat belts.

Need your car seat at the end of the trip? Check it as luggage – take CARES on board in your pocket for a safe airplane seat for your child and a hassle free trip for you.


to the FAA website:


for more information, including FAA Advisory Circular No. AC120-87A.


 The Essex Plus 15 is the clear choice for fire and smoke emergencies. A high-quality, low-cost filtered escape hood that gives wearers a life-saving 15 minutes of protection. US made.

Under review for EN 403 certification

Protects against carbon monoxide

Clear FEP hood offers maximum visibility

5 1/2-year shelf life lowers replacement costs

Lightweight, portable, easy to use

One size fits most adults

Cost-effective solution for large groups or individuals

Download a Essex Plus 15 Spec Sheet Here

 Essex SCU (Self-Contained Unit)

The lightweight Essex SCU can make the difference between saving a life and losing one. It provides up to 60 minutes of respiratory and decompression protection while allowing the wearer to see, hear, talk, & move freely to escape a fire emergency on a private aircraft. It’s not just 60 minutes of air. It’s a lifetime.

FAA Approved Technology

Although there is no FAA approved design standard for a passenger smoke hood, the Essex SCU is the only personal smoke hood on the market which uses the same materials, design, manufacturing process, protection factor, and control standards as the FAA approved Essex Crewmember PBE. If the FAA demands the best for it's pilots and cabin crew...shouldn't you for passenger protection?
Note: Corporate Air Parts is a stocking distributor for all Essex Smoke Hoods. Due to shipping restrictions you must call or email to order.

SCU Self Contained Unit
PBE Protective Breathing Equipment
VRU Victim Rescue Unit
VRU+ Victim Rescue Unit Plus

 ACR ResQLink PLB (Personal Locater Beacon)

At 4.6 oz, the ResQLink™ weighs less than a couple of PowerBars®. And topping at just 3.9 inches, it’s smaller than the cell phone in your pocket. Small and mighty, the ResQLink™ is a full-powered, GPS-enabled rescue beacon designed for anglers, pilots and back country sportsmen.

With three levels of integrated signal technology —GPS positioning, a powerful 406 MHz signal, and 121.5 MHz homing capability — the ResQLink™ quickly and accurately relays your position to a worldwide network of search and rescue satellites. A built-in strobe light provides visibility during night rescues.

PLBs have been proven tried and true in some of the world’s most remote locations and treacherous conditions. Just ask the 400 or so pilots, boaters and back country explorers who were saved by a PLB during a rigorous test program in Alaska. Based in large part on the test results, the federal government approved use of PLBs in the United States in 2003.

Even in extreme conditions and situations, the ResQLink activates easily. Just deploy the antenna and press the ON button. With its powerful 66 channel GPS, the ResQLink™ guides rescuers to within 100 meters or less of your position. And, in the continental U.S., search and rescue personnel are typically alerted of your position in as little as five minutes with a GPS-enabled PLB such as the ResQLink™.

Two built-in tests allow you to routinely verify that the ResQLink™ is functioning and ready for use — with the push of a button, you can easily test internal electronics and GPS functionality.


Download a ACR ResQLink PLB Spec Sheet Here

ACR ResQLink GPS Personal Locator Beacon with Advanced Satellite Testing Feature 

 Firefly®2 Doublefly™ - Rescue Combo Light, Strobe/Incandescent (3999.1)

The Doublefly’s multi-function switch allows you to select between a high-intensity strobe visible from beyond 1 nm (1.9 km), or steady, incandescent light for close-up recovery work. The Xenon 360° beam flashes at one- second intervals for at least 8 hours (2 hours continuous operation in incandescent mode). Features:



  • Multi-function switch selects between strobe light for visibility at great distances or steady incandescent light for close-up recovery work.
  • Large sliding switch allows for easy operation by gloved hands.
  • Specially-designed base platform allows unit to stand upright easily.
  • Aluminum retainer securely attaches battery door to case.
  • High intensity Xenon strobe and incandescent lamp.
  • Ideal for life vests, safety harnesses, float coats, work suits, immersion suits, backpacks and flight suits.

Download a Firefly Spec Sheet Here

Size: 4.4 x 2.2 x 1.2 in (12.07 x 5.59 x 3.05 cm)

Weight: 4.0 oz (113 g) with Lithium batteries

4.7 oz (133 g) with Alkaline batteries

 FireFly®3 - Waterbug

Water-Activated Rescue Strobe



With its special water-activation feature, this powerful rescue strobe automatically turns on when armed and in contact with water. Like the standard Firefly®3 model, the WaterbugTM delivers 250,000 peak lumens in a 360° beam, offering maximum rescue visibility. Visible from beyond 1 nm (1.9 km). Features:


  • Special water activation feature: Unit turns on when armed and in contact with water
  • State of the art lamp/lens combo for high intensity flash
  • Large sliding switch easy to operate with gloved hands
  • Specially designed base platform allows unit to stand upright easily
  • Stainless steel retainer securely attaches battery door to case
  • Integral lashing loops provide a secure anchor point
  • Ideal for life vests, safety harnesses, float coats, work suits, immersion suits, backpacks and flight suits.

Size: 4.75 x 2.2 x 1.2 in (12.07 x 5.59 x 3.05 cm)

Weight: 3.84 oz (109 g) with Lithium batteries

4.44 oz (126 g) with Alkaline batteries

 The Handbook for Aviation for Aviation Survival Sense. Written for the aviator by Emergency Response International.

The Handbook
for Aviation Survival Sense should be an essential item carried on every flight. It's highly relevant content, compact size and waterproof paper will prove invaluable if you ever find yourself responsible for your personal survival or the survival of others when faced with an unexpected off airport landing. Statistically, the majority of people live through aviation crashes and ditching. However, many die needlessly because the pilot and his or her passengers didn't know what steps to take to help insure everyone's survival. This handbook is like having your own survival specialist with you to sort out what to do and how to do it.

 When you're stranded in hostile elements, a LAND/Shark can save your life!

For use on land, the LAND/Shark provides a waterproof one person emergency shelter large enough to provide full body coverage, even over heavy outerwear. It is tough enough to withstand the rigors of a survival situation, yet light enough to not be a burden to carry. The LAND/Shark is a large fully-enclosed shelter (not just a blanket).

Specific Details at the Land/Shark Site:


Download Specifications Here

View a Clip of the Rescue Laser Light




 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter   

  • Dual Color OLED Display
  • Sturdy shell
  • Displays SpO2, Pulse Rate, Pleth
  • Adjustable brightness
  • For use with adult and pediatric
  • Lightweight 1.16 oz
  • 58mm x 32mm x 37mm
  • Powered by 2 AAA size batteries
  • 30 hours of typical use
  • Low battery indicator



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