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Tools Calibration

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In Aviation, more so than any other industry, accuracy is paramount to safety.   Proper calibration of tools is the foundation of quality and safety for every aircraft, both new and those being maintained in airworthy condition.   Calibration is necessary for any precision tool or equipment used to certify an aircraft or component, and should be accomplished by experienced calibration professionals.  

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, sets the national standards that are used by tool and instrument manufacturers and calibration labs.   While not necessarily part of an FAA Repair Station, tools calibration technicians must adhere to standards set by the NIST.   At the maintenance or user level, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) monitors all safety and compliance issues related to shop practices and calibration.  Corporate Air Parts, Inc. performs all calibration work to NIST standards.



Corporate Air Parts, Inc. is pleased to offer you the services of our dedicated tools laboratory and our experienced calibration technicians.   We provide our customers with all necessary calibration data (in/out).   Whether you have a few tools or an entire shop inventory, we'll use GAGEtrak to provide you an itemized report of tools due with each order.   Our goals are to help you manage your inventory and to make your life easier.   We'll do the work for you!

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 CAPS Calibration Pricing

For standard tools which fail our in-house testing, we do not charge an evaluation fee.   In addition to saving you costs, we'll also help you and your organization save critical hours searching for replacements.   We work with major manufacturers and distributors to coordinate replacements for you, and while we handle most items in house, our extensive resources allow us to handle virtually any specialty tool.   If you don't see an item on our list, let us know about it.

For our local customers at VNY, BUR, SMO, LAX and LGB, we provide pick-up and delivery service


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