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Links & Resources

Aviator References
Safety and survival links that most flight crews will find interesting.

URLs  Section

Emergency "911" Call from Overseas - download a pdf here of 911 overseas numbers (USCG AMVER System) (SARSAT info and Rescue History) (Land-shark shelter) (FAA Homepage) (FAA training programs' aircrew survival videos) (Physiology of Flight Videos) (FAA Pilot Safety Brochures)  (GREAT LAPTOP BATTERY FIRE VIDEO - others exist as well) (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) 
(NASA - NASA's Aviation Reporting System plus their excellent "Callback" monthly newsletter)
 (Travel Warnings, Alerts and Travel Info) (Overseas Security Advisory Council - great international travel resource)
 (Aviation Safety Reporting Network) (Strategic Forecasting)  (Flight Safety/Accident Reports)  (Aviation Jobs and Aviation Employment Opportunities)

Advisory Circulars

AC 00-46E       Aviation Safety Reporting System (2011)

AC 20-42C   Hand Fire Extinguishers For Use In Aircraft

AC 120-80   In-Flight Fires

AC 25-9A     Smoke Detection, Penetration and Evacuation Tests and Related Flight Manual  Emergency Procedures

AC 25-16     Electrical Fault and Fire Prevention and Protection

AC 61-107A Operations of Aircraft at Altitudes Above 25,00 Feet

AC 91-70B      Oceanic and Remote Continental Airspace Operations

AC 91-76A    Hazard Associated with Sublimation of (Dry Ice) Aboard Aircraft

AC 120-43    The influence of Beards on Oxygen Mask Efficiency

AC 120-47    Survival Equipment for use in Over Water Operations

AC 120-48    Communication and Coordination Between Flight Crewmembers and Flight Attendants

AC 120-51E  Crew Resource Management Training

AC 121-24C  Passenger Safety Information Briefing and Briefing Cards

Gulfstream GVSP-GER-6111
G500 Evacuation Crewmember Training Requirements)

FAR 135.323  Training program: General

SARSAT ELT Registration Form

Excellent Survival Readings

The Handbook for Aviation Survival Sense
, Robert “Skip” Stoffel & Brett C. Stoffel, et al, ERI Publications & Training, May 2009. Can purchase here.

Deep Survival – Who Lives, Who Dies and Why, Laurence Gonzales, W.W. Norton & Company, 2005

Essentials of Sea Survival, Golden & Tipton, Human Kinetics, 2003

Out of Captivity, Mark Gonsalves, Tom Howes, Keith Stansell & Garry Brozek William Morrow, An Imprint of HarpeCollins, 2009

Fraud Alert Numbers

Equifax  800-525-6285

Experian (Formely TRW) 888-397-3742

TransUnion  800-680-7289

Social Security (Fraud Line)  800-269-0271