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FAR 135.331 Emergency Training

FAR 135.331 - Crewmember Emergency Training

This training is required for all crewmembers on each aircraft type, model, and configuration, each crewmember, and each kind of operation conducted, as appropriate for each crewmember and the certificate holder. (FAR 135.331(a).  Emergency training is subdivided into three (3) groups: 1). General Emergency Training, 2). Emergency Situation Training and 3). Emergency Drill Training.  This training must be conducted every 12 months (FAR 135.295, 135.331, 135.349, 135.351). This training also includes the requirements of G550 Evacuation Crewmember Training (Document No. GVSP-GER-6111 and Supplement Number G550-OMS-1).  Training meets all applicable regulations for emergency procedures training as required under CFR Parts 91, 125, 135, JAR OPS1, IS-BAO standards.  Certificates of training are issued for one year.

  1. General Emergency Training - The training consists of instruction in the location, function, and operation of emergency equipment.  Instruction in emergency assignments and procedures, including coordination among crewmembers, and the handling of emergency situations.  Review of the certificate holder’s previous aircraft accidents and incidents involving actual emergency situations. Instruction for crewmembers who serve in operations above 25,000 feet.
  2. Emergency Situation Training (3-1166 (A)(2) - The training consists of instruction on the factors involved, as well as the procedures to be followed, when emergency situations occur. Examples include passenger evacuations, ditching, rapid decompressions (RD), aircraft fires, and persons needing first aid.
  3. Emergency Drill - This training provides instruction and practice in the actual use of certain items of emergency equipment.  Each crewmember must perform emergency drills, using the proper equipment and procedures, unless the Administrator finds that, for a particular drill, the crewmember can be adequately trained by demonstration.

CAPS’ training also includes the requirements of G550 Evacuation Crewmember Training (Document No. GVSP-GER-6111 and Supplement Number G550-OMS-1).

Course Specifics:

  1. The course begins at 8:00 AM and finishes around 4:30 & pm.
  2. A light breakfast and fruit are available for all attendees, catered by Stevie’s Aviation Catering.
  3. CAP's furnishes a really great lunch from Stevie’s Aviation Catering.
  4. Soft drinks and snacks for all participants.
  5. Dress comfortably for the classroom session and CAPS’ labs.
  6. The "floatation and raft" aka pool lab, is conducted at a local indoor pool during the winter months and, during warmer weather, at the Airtel Plaza Hotel's pool, close to Corporate Air Parts. Please bring long pants (preferred) or a swimming suit for pool training. The hotel or CAPS will provide towels. Bring some slippers or water shoes for walking on the Airtel’s hot pool deck.
  7. Your paperwork will be sent to you or the company that pays for the training.

In Door Heated Pool Winter Months
Best Lunch, Ever....

The cost is $525, which includes all the above.

PAYMENT OPTIONS (unless your company is typically Net 30 with CAPs): 

  1. CAPS Aviation accepts most credit cards - VISA, MasterCard, Discover & American Express. Credit card transactions for training are processed through PayPal. Even if you are new to PayPal, you will find it to be quick, easy and very efficient.
  2. Register and mail CAPS a check payable to CAPS Aviation.
  3. Register and bring a check to the class.
  4. CAPS Aviation no longer accepts cash payments, so please make other arrangements.

Please be sure to complete the Registration Form indicating the course/s and date/s you are planning to attend. You can access the Registration Form here….


Thanks for a great course, very well presented.  Tim does an outstanding job of presenting a lot of material, including many surprising gems.  He maintains a very upbeat atmosphere at all times and keeps things interesting.  The course provides usable information, fulfills a training requirement, is thought-provoking and enhances awareness.  Absent are any nickel and dime aspects - that you provide free breakfast and lunch, immediate paperwork, free parking and towels at the hotel, free beverages, are all small things which make a big difference.  John - Challenger 605/604 contract pilot, worldwide, and for Fortune 100 companies.