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Resources answering some of the most common questions CAPS' receives.

1. FAA Requirements for Survival Equipment in extended overwater operations.

2.  How to choose TSO Type I, II, C12C, C79a  and Size of Life Raft for your aircraft
    Type of Life Raft
     Letter from FAA to Gulfstream 1985
     Letter to FAA Aircraft Certification Service 1996 "Extended Overwater Operations for Transport Category Aircraft."
     FAA Response to CAPS letter 1996
     CAPS Letter to Manager, Aircraft Certification Office 2007
     FAA Response to CAPS letter of 2007 
    Letter to FAA Aircraft Certification 2012 "Equipment Needed Overwater Certified or Approved for Ditching"
FAA Response to CAPS letter of 2012

3. Copy of the 406 ELT Registration Form 

4.  If my aircraft is not certified for ditching, can I operate in extended overwater operations? 
     See the following letters:
  • FAA Aircraft Certification Service 1996
  • FAA Response 1996
  • Letter to FAA 2012 and Response.

5.  What type, size and quanity of life rafts must you carry "CERTIFIED OR APPROVED for ditching"
6.  CAPS' handout explaining the differences between FAA TSO Type I and Type II Rafts, and a non TSO Life Raft

7. Light Jets Ditching Equipment Requirements. Title 14, Part 23.1415 Ditching Equipment. Letter to FAA 2010.

Light Jets Ditching Equipment Requirements Response from FAA December 2010.