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Client Testimonials

I have attended some of the other training vendors classes on cabin safety in the past and i can say that the training i received at Corporate Air Parts was outstanding!  The presentation from Tim was execllent, the hands on portion of the training was very good.  The informatin that was shared was well worth the travel to the class.  I will look forward to coming again for a refresher.
David Graham / Captain BD-700, TempusJets

"Tim was wonderful!  He made the two days very enjoyable and is an excellent and very thorough instructor.  I was impressed with the standard of training, having completed many similar courses, the quality of your training course was outstanding.  For example, actually setting off flares and puttin on a working smokehood were firsts for me.  I now feel very confident in my ability going forward with my position as Flight Attendant.

Suzie Crowder / Contract,  Flight Attentant.

The classes were excellent.  It had been years since I'd had a CPR course, so that was definitely needed. 
I've worked at FSI teaching for several years, and I've taken many aviation-related courses.  Yours on Wednesday was pretty much the best ever.  You packed twice the material I thought possible into an eight hour class.  You kept it professional AND made it fun.  I learned a lot and will be taking I look at how we may do things better on our jet because of this course. 
I made a note to look into the Wilderness First Responders Course.  That looks like a very rewarding experience, and a ton of fun! It was very nice meeting you.  Thanks again!
Gary C.

I have attended some of the other training vendors’ classes on cabin safety in the past, and I can say that the training I received at CAPS was outstanding!  The presentation from Tim was excellent, the hands on portion of the training was very good.  The information that was shared was well worth the travel to the class.  I look forward to coming again for a refresher."

David Graham, Captain BD-700, Tempus Jets

Thank you for a really great class. Yes it's true that I went through most of this in the Navy. Notice I said most of it, not all of it. There are definitely items of discussion we did not cover in the Navy that you went over, such as breathing hoods in the aircraft. I really found the whole class beneficial, not just parts of it. It's something we need to know but hope we never have to use. It turns out we will use what you went over in many aspects of our lives.

Your style, your enthusiasm, and your dedication are most apparent. I was asked by Windair West how the class went, and what I thought about it. My response was "it's a great class, well worth the money.  It was well worth the time we spent in the class room.  Windair West will be sending all their pilots to your class for now on. They seem to be excited about the free lunch. I liked looking at all the old military survival and signaling equipment.

I carry a hand held radio, signal mirror, the 12 gauge flare pistol, flint and steel, Signal Strobe light, and a first aid kit. Our plane has an AED. If I have to transport or ferry a plane, I do not want to take the pistol with flares on an airline so I will buy road signal flares when I arrive at the destination, they also help start a fire with wet wood.

My favorite part was in the pool. It's easy to grab a hold of a collar on the life preserver, and tow someone, even in long pants. Fire fighting in the Navy and Cert training got me practical experience in fire fighting, but most of those people never shot a fire extinguisher before.

Watching those films of Gary in Alaska, made me think of how cold it would be. It reminded me of those cold nights out on the desert in Warner Springs by Riverside (SERE). It made me think of how little time he had to get out before the aircraft disappeared. Why it's important to have survival stuff on you, so when you exit quickly, you do not leave it behind. This class will make sure I have the survival equipment on me for flights, not just readily accessible. Your class has changed my behavior and my way of thinking. Learning is defined as a change in behavior due to experiences. I have learned a lot from your class, because my behavior has changed.
Thanks Tim. Eric Burg

Thanks for a great course.  It was very well presented.  Tim does an outstanding job of presenting a lot of material, including many surprising gems.  He maintains a very upbeat atmosphere at all times and keeps things interesting.  The course provides usable information, fulfills a training requirement, is thought-provoking and enhances awareness.  Absent are any nickel and dime aspects - that you provide free - breakfast and lunch, immediate paperwork, free parking and towels at the hotel, free beverages, are all small things which make a big difference.

John” - Challenger 605/604 contract pilot, worldwide, and for Fortune 100 companies

Dear Tim

You may remember last August instructing our crew of 3 from SinoJet - Kirk Howerton, Donna Wu and myself (from UK).  I thought you might be interested to know that I was in Berlin on the 24th October and had cause to use your training for real!

We were at Schonefeld Airport crossing through the Car Park to the GA Terminal.  A man shouted for us to help and we saw a man lying on his back unconscious on the ground.  He appeared to be in his mid-late 50s.  I noted that he wasn't breathing and that he had blood coming from under his head.

I believe I followed the training pretty well, in spite of the shock one gets under real-life circumstances.  We asked the person who called us to go to the Terminal and call for Medical help.  I checked his airway and immediately started CPR.

Surprisingly, he started to breathe after only about 25 pressures, and started to come round within a couple of minutes.  The blood had come from his head hitting the concrete floor, and appeared to be superficial. 

The Emergency Services arrived very quickly and he was able to talk, but had no idea where he was or what had happened to him.

We found out that he was an aircraft engineer working on an aircraft in maintenance at the airport.  He was taken to hospital and I didn't hear any further about him.

However, I would say he owes his life to your good training!

Best wishes
Stephen Bruh, Director, Astrojet Ltd., February 11, 2015