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FAA Repair Station OOCR964K / EASA 145.6318

Corporate Air Parts, Inc. (CAPS)

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Welcome to Corporate Air Parts, Inc. (CAPS)an industry leader in global after-market support of business aircraft products and services.

Whether you require:

  1. Survival & Emergency Equipment, Sales, Service and Rental
  2. Critical Emergency Crewmember Training
  3. Hypoxia Training
  4. Cabin Service Training
  5. Tool Calibration
  6. Aircraft Components & Consumables  Sales
...CAP's team of support professionals are dedicated to assisting you with practical, long-term solutions. We do whatever it takes to help you keep your aircraft flying safely.


Our value-added products and services are backed by the industry’s most reputable manufacturers and service facilities, technical expertise based on OEM and in-house training, and recommendations garnered only from decades of experience.

Our worldwide logistics capabilities, assisted by FedEx International and Savino Del Bene USA, Inc., makes shipping easy. So, wherever you find yourself or your aircraft, you can turn to CAPS for support.


To keep flying, call (+1-818-997-0512) or email ( us, and let us do the work for you!

Neil Looy, Founders & Owners of Corporate Air Parts since 1983




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